Brand Identification

The corporate brand is a valuable asset. By developing this asset our clients are able to obtain a competitive advantage. Building a brand consists of brand awareness, comprehension of a product or service, and change in consumer attitudes. The end result of a successful brand is a growth in membership base or a stronger voice in the political arena.


Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort opened its doors in 2003, and in the 2010 it expanded to include a 17-story hotel, spa and pool. With all of the new amenities came the need to rebrand Thunder Valley as an overnight destination and luxury resort. Elmets Communications assisted Thunder Valley Casino Resort by exploring social media options in twitter and facebook, meeting with local elected officials, facilitating tours for reporters and setting up remote broadcasts of TV and radio stations  all while keeping a consistent message and building excitement about the new property. At the same time, Elmets Communications played an integral role in logo design, naming of facilities, media buying and planning multiple large events for the public, elected officials, employees and players to showcase the new facility.

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