Coalition Building

A coalition is comprised of individuals or organizations working together for a common goal. Building strong coalitions is a powerful tool that can make your issues known. Elmets Communications is adept at organizing effective political allies that influence decision makers and shape public opinion.

Placer Vineyards

Placer Vineyards is a major construction project in South Placer County that was the result of two dozen developers coming together to develop 5,200 acres of farmland. The plan to build between 14,000 and 21,000 homes was met with strong opposition by several groups and individuals in the region. Elmets Communications worked with the developers to create a diverse coalition of supporters to promote the positive impacts of the new development and change public opinion to support the project. As part of this coordinated effort, Elmets Communications successfully aligned Placer Vineyards with a variety of smart growth organizations, elected officials and respected individuals in the community, yet kept a unified message that allowed Placer Vineyards to accomplish its development goals.

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