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Posted by Nick at Feb 25, 2011 11:05 AM |
Elmets Communications employs a broad array of strategies to deliver results for its clients, from traditional outreach methods such as print and broadcast advertising to new and powerful tools like social media.


Through our blog, we use the Internet to generate attention and support for a client’s cause, company or candidacy, driving the news in a forum that is lively, interactive and accessible. We use the blog to promote events and developments relevant to our clients, publicize victories, share significant news stories, and sometimes just to sound off on issues of the day.

Our office building sits at the nexus of Sacramento’s political and media universe. More often than not, you will find protesters at the corner of 16th and J Streets, an event at the Memorial Auditorium (including the monthly U.S. citizenship celebration that features individuals lined up around the block, spilling the nexus to 16th and I) or most notably Governor Jerry Brown taking his dog Sutter for a walk. Elmets Communications sits One Floor Down from the residence of the 39th (and 34th) Governor of California and no blog can provide fresher content. We proudly present, One Floor Down

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