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Posted by Nick Kump at Apr 11, 2011 02:20 PM |
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Kim's Baby ShowerAnd this absolutely includes the decision over which picture will be the cover of the first edition of the Baby Lifestyles e-glossy magazine.

This was not a decision our office took lightly; we spent hours pouring over the pros and cons of each choice, but upon hearing that a local women had a dog fight, we made sure to stay loyal to the soil. Naturally, we had already selected her image because it is far superior to the rest, but the fact that it came from East Sacramento only reinforced our selection.

The image was taken from the baby shower of Se'Bella Dubach, whose mother, Kimberly Dubach, could not have been more excited that an image from her baby shower was selected. Se'Bella's shower faces some stiff competition though with the three other finalists each featuring distinctive  images just as striking as Dubach's.

Vote for Se'Bella's baby shower here. It is cover #1.

*A previous version of this blog incorrectly identified 90s pop sensation, and artist behind the hit "Always Be My Baby," Mariah Carey as a finalist for the Baby Lifestyles cover, further research has determined that Carey's shower will actually be featured on the inside of the magazine. Perhaps some day she will have a chance at the cover like East Sacramento's own Kim Dubach.

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