Curt Hagman Leads Legislation to Memorialize Ronald Reagan in State Capitol

Posted by Nick Kump at Apr 23, 2012 10:08 AM |
Press Release 4.23.12

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Curt Hagman’s AB 2358, legislation that would authorize a memorial statue of President Ronald Reagan in California’s State Capitol, is set to be heard before the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee tomorrow. 

John Herrington, former United States Secretary of Energy during the Reagan Administration and Doug Ose, former California Congressman and Sacramento businessman will testify in support of AB 2358 at Tuesday’s committee hearing.

President Reagan spent his formative political years in California, serving as the 33rd governor of California before being elected as the 40th president of the United States.

“AB 2358 is a necessary step towards honoring the only governor of California to become president of the United States,” said Hagman. “President Reagan remains one of the most influential leaders in this nation’s history and should be recognized for his significant political presence in California’s Capitol.”

At no cost to taxpayers, AB 2358 would be entirely funded through private donations. AB 2358 is supported by the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library, an organization that is responsible for placing several bronze statues of President Reagan throughout the world.

“In state capitols throughout the country, memorials stand in tribute to our past presidents,” said Doug Elmets, former White House staffer and sponsor of AB 2358. “President Reagan was a transformative figure in our nation’s history and deserves to be memorialized in the state capitol where he served as governor.”

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