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Posted by Nick Kump at Nov 10, 2011 09:56 AM |
Doug has been on KCRA the past two days discussing the pr crisis at Penn State. Penn State must have been listening because they followed the advice and seem to be starting from scratch.

Focus on Victims

  • Although Paterno has announced that he will retire at the end of the season, it remains to be seen whether Paterno will actually make it that far
  • The focus here really needs to be on the victims, this week is senior week at Penn State, the last home game for senior students, but all of this football should be overshadowed by what happened to the victims
  • There will always be diehards that vouch for Paterno at the final home game, but the important thing is to never forget the victims and the victims are the ones who have sadly been forgotten about and he had responsibility as head coach and athletic director


Thoughts on conduct

  • Clearly buried his head in the sand, he may have fulfilled his minimal legal obligation by reporting it to his superior, he has failed in the court of public opinion
  • He hoped it would go away, but a fish rots from the head and anything having to do with the molestation of children is rottenest fish head out there
  • As great as a career as he has had, it is a tragedy when someone has done so much for football and had so much positive influence on players, that he could have been so blind to this 
  • This is the perfect example of why it is best to come clean and the consequences of a cover up. 
  • Everyone involved hoped it would go away. They should have dealt with it in 2002 when everyone first became aware, cut off the rotten appendage that was molesting children before the infection spread to the rest of the body. Because right now, the infection has spread and it did not have to be this way


What to do now

  • At this point, everyone involved has to be let go. Damage control is not pretty, and what happens next is going to get ugly.
  • This goes all the way up to the president of the university, whether he knew or not, he set the tone for the university and the tone he set allowed this to happen. They have to rebuild from scratch.
  • While the victims are important, when you are in the business of damage control and your job is to protect the university’s reputation the choice is clear - Paterno is gone, president is gone, athletic director is gone, they are all gone by the end of the today so the message is sent that Penn State is starting a new chapter
  • If they do not, and anyone is allowed to remain, who could take the university seriously? Which players would want to go here? Who would donate money? 


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