Tipsy Tokens

Posted by Nick Kump at Apr 07, 2011 01:43 PM |
At Elmets Communications we appreciate all types of innovation, especially the type that uses technology to bring people together.

This was the inspiration for Tipsy Tokens, a new daily deal website in Sacramento offering tokens for drink specials at bars throughout the city.

The format is nothing new; it is similar to the well-known Groupon website, but what makes Tipsy Tokens unique is its exclusivity to nightlife and the personalities behind it. Where as with Groupon, you purchase the deal and print a page from your computer, with Tipsy Tokens you become a part of the party. Your purchase earns you a token to be picked up from a Tipsy Token representative ("exotic women flown in from around the world" according the the website) and then you take that token and redeem it with the bartender.

The company officially launched with its first deals in March, but is rapidly looking to expand to other cities in California and other bars in the Sacramento area as well.  

Also a fun fact, one of its founders works for another company on the same floor as Elmets Communications. Sage wisdom and useful innovation from another individual working One Floor Below...

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