Crisis Manager: This is About Sterling, Not Clippers

KTXL April 28, 2014

Days after the leak of a now famous audio recording allegedly featuring Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a racist rant, major sponsors have dropped the team.

“It’s really not about the Clippers, it’s about Donald Sterling, and the Clippers, as a team, as a brand and as players, ought not to be penalized,” crisis manager Doug Elmets said.

But the Clippers were feeling the heat Monday. On top of losing major sponsors, many fans are hitting the internet, creating empty sea campaigns. They’re asking NBA fans who bought tickets to Tuesday’s Clippers, Warriors game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles not to go.

“​They’re in the playoffs and they want to be successful. Winning on the court will overshadow everything,” Elmets said.​

Basketball fans told FOX40 News that boycotting the game isn’t the best response.

“I think that would hurt their morale. ​They need their fans more than ever right now. ​I think that maybe if they all showed up and kind of had some sign​,” fan Jennifer Curtsinger said.

“It’s just sad. We’re progressing to an age where we think people don’t think like that anymore, and we’re hoping people don’t, but there are still people who do​,” Bernice Davis said.​

As for what the fans should do, Elmets suggested they follow Mayor Johnson’s lead.

​”W​hat everyone needs to do is follow the lead of Kevin Johnson, who said they need to take swift action which may include making D​onald Sterling sell his team​,” Elmets said​.

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